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Quran and Prayer Beads

About Quran the Truth Foundation

My Site is a Not-for-Profit organization committed to promoting Universal Brotherhood through inculcating Moral Values, Humanitarian Aid, and Philanthropy work. Our mission is to provide Education Scholarships, Medical Aid, Food Aid, and Disaster Relief to those in need. We believe that by providing assistance to those who are less fortunate, we can make a positive impact on the world.


Our team is dedicated to this mission and works tirelessly to ensure that the resources we provide go to the people who need them the most.
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Eighteen years ago, a group of people decided to start Mutala Quran through which they started to learn and understand the Quran. While reflecting and contemplating on the words of Allah SWT,  they decided to start humanitarian work i.e. “Serving Humanity is Serving God”. 

To facilitate the Humanitarian work, the members came up with the idea of starting a non-profit organization to work for the welfare of the society with a motive of seeking pleasure of Allah SWT and here in the year 2014 Qur’aan The Truth Foundation came into existence by the will of Allah SWT.


QTTF is a socio-spiritual organization founded on the paradigm of “UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD”. That God made all things for mankind and created men from the same parent which makes us all brothers in different faith.


1. Common Goal of Peace, Harmony & Brotherhood

QTTF strives to develop a community based on tolerance, sincerity, compassion, contentment & truthfulness (core idea of Islam as defined by Islam) and to achieve a common Goal of Peace, Harmony and Brotherhood. 

2. Bringing People Closer To Truth

QTTF encourages the study and practice of the Noble Quran to bring a profound transformation in the character and conduct of the people to make this earth a better place to live in.

3. Following the Prophet (PBUH) 

The grace of Allah encompasses everything in the world. Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) has been sent as a mercy to the entire world. It is incumbent upon the believer to follow the prophet & submit to the divine order. Every believer should transform this mercy to the entire nation as custodians of our planet by serving humanity. QTTF strives to bring about this transformation through the study of the Quran via a four fold approach.

4. Study Of Quran With Understanding:

QTTF brings about transformation through the study of the Quran via a four fold approach.

  1. To Understand the attributes, beautiful names of ALLAH SWT from the verses of HIS revelation.

  2. To Purify one’s desires & to discover one’s true nature seeking the creator’s mercy.

  3. To Study the Quran with the knowledge & understanding to reflect upon it in a collecting endeavor.

  4. To Practice what is prescribed in Quran & attain wisdom by leading one’s life following the law & commandments.

Meet the Team


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